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Fierfox is a common misspelling of the Firefox web browser which is a new browser that helps normal people stay more secure on the net. Although many PC’s comes with Internet Explorer browser, this option is much better because it was designed from the ground up with security in mind. The developers of Internet Explorer were more interested in developing “features” without taking to much time to think about security.

What Was The End Result?

The result is that Internet Explorer has many security breaches like allowing the execution of programs without user knowledge and installation of Spyware without user notice. As a result, Firefox is increasing his user base every day and not only it is more secure, but it is easier to use as well.

Although Secure This Is Not The Complete Solution

Keep a computer secure requires very specialized knowledge, but you can be accomplish enough security for normal users (which will protect you from almost all normal threats on the net) with simple steps. After writing your email, you will subscribe to our “safety” email alerts newsletter and receive easy to follow instructions on how to protect your PC now and be guarded against future threats and how to protect yourself from scams on the Internet.

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